Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've been experimenting with tagging my bags and I knew that I wanted to use the logo. So I did. What do you think?


Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Bags...

I haven't made a bag in a I did today. I made three clutches (or pouches as some call them) and I'm pretty happy with the results. No buttons yet because it takes me FOREVER to pick a button that fits. There are two reasons for that: 1. I have too many choices with my buttons, 2. I have a super hard time parting with my buttons. It mostly because I hate parting with them though. Anyway...

Two of the bags are the same fabric...I just flipped the pattern on the fabric so it runs in opposite directions. The third is some cute fruit fabric I picked a while ago and had some leftovers.

This is the lining of one of the bags. It is vintage floral fabric. I love mixing new and vintage. So I do.

Here is some vintage butterfly fabric I used in the other bag. I love it too. 

One of these bags is going up north soon...but I can't decide which one. Hmmmm....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Back to sewing...

Well, I haven't sewn in a week or so...maybe less, maybe not...but I got back in the mix today and created a pad for Bobby's fixed-gear...or bike...or the other woman in his life...He's been working so hard on it...making it his own and the like. I wanted to create something special for the bike so I made a "crotch cushion" or as Bobby calls it...The Rad Pad. I really love how it turned out.

I made it using my new favorite method...paper piecing. The finished size is roughly 8" by 13" but next time I'll add a half inch to each. The "pad" or "cushion" part is insulating foam that goes around copper tubing...I got it for a buck fifty at the Habitat store. I'm super happy.

I zig-zagged around the edges and at each seam. I think next time I will add some batting to make it really quilt like. What do you think??? Let me know

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Niece and Nephew...

I don't get to see them fact I haven't even met the new turkey yet. I'm going to soon though and my heart starts thumping every time I think of seeing them. Aub is almost 4 and just like her Bubba Chant...Turkey is a few months old and already as big as Aub...oh I can't wait to see them!!!!!!
I love this pic of Aub...and she has a sweater that I wore when I was young and thin and gorgeous...yeah, I don't remember that time period either.

This is that smiling Turkey I haven't met yet...isn't he adorable though???? He makes me melt. But this pic does look like his daddy is giving him a little tweak...which is a little weird. But look at that face...I'm dying

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Memorial Weekend Fun...

Well, we finally made it back to Orlando yesterday afternoon after a long weekend in south and southwest Florida...after Miami/Ft. Lauderdale/Wilton Manors we headed across the everglades to head up the Gulf Coast. It was an amazing trip...and it was the first time Bobby and I have done a real vacation together. Roommate Tim was our buffer. It worked out pretty well. Here are some random pics from Miami Beach...which was insanely crowded...of course let's go to one of the most popular beaches in the world on Memorial weekend. It was insane! We didn't get to see much of South Beach at all...and all I wanted was to see the art deco! But there was some on North Beach this gem.

Actually, this place was extremely rundown. It was beyond "Grey Gardens" fabulous...complete with a backyard/empty pool full of cats. I'm not kidding. We thought it was an empty building, but on closer inspection, we discovered it was occupied! With Little Edie style residents. I was in heaven. 
Here is Bobby on the boardwalk with the beautiful Atlantic behind him...I've never been much impressed with the Ocean...never thought it that pretty...until we got down here! It is so green/blue and wonderful! I loved it!

We were driving back to the mainland from Miami Beach at sunset and Bobby took this great picture of downtown. This is after we got busted trying to drive into the fancy pantsy island full of celeb mansions. But we got stopped and pretended we were lost. We weren't fooling anyone.

These are my inspiration pics...

How much do you love this lifeguard stand? I love the color combo and think I need to make a bag with these colors! I freakin' love it.

And I love love the color combo of the blue/green and sand colors...totally needs to be a bag of some kind.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Miami, days 1 and 2...

So we left Orlando yesterday morning around 11 and headed for all things Miami!!! Actually, Bobby is down here getting some continuing education credits so he can be up to date on his therapy license. Well, I tagged along and then Roommate Tim decided to tag along too! It might get a little boring being stuck in the hotel all day alone. I'm happy Tim is here.

The drive down was fine...a little rainy...but fine. We had a good time. Tim and I annoyed Bobby with show tunes all the way down. We are pretty good at harmonizing together. But that's what happens when your roommate has been on Broadway...jealous?

No road trip would be complete for me without a stop at the greatest road trip cafe in the world...Cracker Barrel. God, I love that place. Now, I know we're not necessarily supposed to love that place because of workplace discrimination, but I can't help it.

Bobby's classes are at the Embassy Suites Miami Airport so that's where we are staying. Am I on the internet there though? NO! I can't pay almost thirteen dollars a day for internet access. Why can't it be free? Did we not pay enough for the room and the parking? I guess not! So Tim and I are at Panera Bread soaking up the free wifi...I just had to update...Could I drop any more corporate names in this post? I'm sure I can. I'll try.

Bobby is done at 4. We are going to head to South Beach so I can get my Art Deco/Ocean/Beautiful People/Designer Labels fix. I've never been there so I am super excited! I can't wait to take 600 pictures that no one else will want to see. It's a thrill. And so far the rain has stayed away for the afternoon.

I have more stories...especially about stupid Americans and terrified teenage Germans in the hotel pool. Surely I'll write a post about that.
I do love it here!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sorry I keep changing my blog look. I'm really trying to decide which logo I like best. Bear with me. I love you

p.s. Here's a pic of my roommate Tim playing softball. He's a doll.


Paper Piecing...

So, I've been paper piecing with some of the fabric Jean Martha sent much as it killed me to cut into them! I'm totally experimenting with paper piecing and wondering if I really love it. I think I do. The added time to bag making will take some getting used to.

This is a square I just made with a variety of fabrics.

Here is a diagonal pieced bag I'm working on. This could be the front. Or the back. It is up to you. Bobby wanted to add a strip that didn't match at we went with yellow. I like it.

Here is the front/back of the same bag. This I just sewed pieces together and then cut to the same size.I really really like the yellow added to this.

This is a bag I just finished. I had mountains of this daisy fabric that I bought in Mangum, Oklahoma last summer and only bought it because it was mega cheap. Not the best reason to buy something. But I like how it turned out. I paper pieced a couple of squares then cut them up and reassembled for the center of the bag.

Here is the whole bag. Kinda retro fun.

Rainy Day Sewing...

I've been experimenting (well, for me) with the awesome fabric Jean Martha sent me. I'll post pictures tomorrow but I just wanted to let you know about the fab fabric. It is from Sis Boom fabrics and the line is Bellbottoms. I just freaking love it. Love Love Love it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Logo work...

So, Shannon is about the best friend with logo making skills a guy could ask for. She has designed some super cool stuff for me. I like them all...but can't decide.

Version 1.

Version 2.

What do you think? Comment and let me know what version you like. Thanks!

It is a dreary day...

And I'm not feeling motivated at all. I'm staring at all this wonderful fabric trying to figure out what to do. I need to finish a tote bag and sew a button on a maybe I should finish those. We need the rain, but I wish it would go away. I want to be outside working in the flower beds. But I'll stop bitching. And go back to work. 
update...change of plans...going to Shakes to work on my logo with Shannon!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blogging and Sales

I just started this whole blogging business. I really love it. What I love most about it is finding other blogs to read. I've spent so so so so many hours reading others blogs. And I love when people post their favorite blogs too. Then I get even more lost. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper and deeper...thank goodness I can swim.

I got up early today to go with Sarah, Tori, and Jeff to  do a little driving around to find garage sales. Well, what a bust! We didn't find one good one! I really was on the lookout for vintage linens but um...I guess nobody parts with those or somebody already snatched them up.

We ended up at the Habitat for Humanity store. What a great place. I spent a whole 1 dollar and 60 cents on some foam tubing. Why? I'm going to make Bobby a "crotch cushion" for the bar on his bike. I have no idea what they are actually called so I'll go with "crotch cushion." I may do some paper piecing so he can have a quilted look. Will definitely be the coolest "crotch cushion" on the block. Okay, I'm done saying crotch. Sorry.
FYI...Bobby just told me they are called "top tube pads." So no more crotch cushion.

I saw these glasses at the Habitat store. I didn't buy them, but I did take a picture.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Take me to heaven...

The UPS man came today. Remember when they waited at the door for you to pick up your package? Well, the doorbell rang and 2 seconds later I was at the door. He was already headed back to his truck. Over his shoulder he yelled..."Package is on the desk." Um...ok...thanks....dude. Yes I have a desk on the patio...well it was a desk but I converted it to a potting area for my 4 plants I actually managed not to kill. Anyway...Jean Martha's package arrived and I was so happy!!!

So, I opened it immediately and pulled everything out. But then I decided I should document the I repackaged everything to make it look like I wasn't crazy and just Vera from Alice'd it all over the living room. But it might make me crazier to repackage it to make it seem like I'm not crazy. Hmmmm....
But look at these fabrics! I'm dying! I'm dying!
I freaking love these fabrics... especially the toile!
And I super love this oversized print. You have to excuse the dirty rug and Roommate Tim's flip flopped toe. I'm not really great with composition. 

Heaven came to me today. From upstate New York.

It has been a couple of days...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...but I've been a little lazy. Terribly sorry. (That last bit is said with a British accent. Let's see...what has my week been like? I'll tell you. Tuesday night was spent out at the Beacon downtown for free beer and liquor from 9 to 10. Now if you think you can't get a lot going in an hour, you haven't been out with us! The rain helped. It was a little slow, so the waiter just kept bringing drink after drink. That hour flew by! But it was fun. Or at least Bobby and Roommate Tim said I was a lot of fun. I don't remember everything. 
Wednesday was dinner at Shannon's. We had incredible pasta with asparagus and peas. 
Last night The Orlando International Fringe Festival began. I didn't go to anything, but it wiped me out no less! But I cooked and sewed last night. So enough babble!

I've never been big into quilting...I've done a couple of things (bags, blah blah blah) but never had an interest in really pursuing it. UNTIL...I stumbled upon Ashley from Film in the Fridge...what a great sight! And I took her paper piecing tutorial so now I'm paper piecing! I think it will make some cool bags.

I like it!
Also, I made some yummy baked lemon pasta that I found on The Pioneer Woman's site. It was so good...I'm gonna have some more in a minute!

But I had some leftover lemons and parsley so I took a picture. See that little red guy on the left? He's one of my cherry tomatoes. I'm a gardener! I'm so happy! I'm not gonna eat, just look at it and cry.

So, I made Bobby take some pictures of me sewing the other night. Why? Marketing, publicity, we were bored. All that good stuff. I didn't realize he was being artistic and taking shots in black and white. Nothing shows off colorful fabric like black and white. Kidding. I do like them.

This one is staged. Sorry. He came in to shoot right while i was finishing up. But I like it. And I like my sausage fingers. Truly they look like Vienna Sausages, don't they? Blech.
This one is real and it shows the total filth in which I sew. I'm not clean or organized. Actually, it was clean and organized a couple of weeks ago but that lasted about 1.2 seconds. Did you ever watch Alice? With Linda Lavin? Well, I always loved the opening credits when Vera had the bag of straws and they exploded all over the place. That's my life. Things look nice and then it explodes. Oh well. "There's a new girl in town!"

Monday, May 11, 2009

Things I'm obsessed with...

Number 1: These salt and pepper shakes I picked up a couple of years ago with my mom at a wholesale shop she sometimes, but not enough, goes to. They aren't vintage, just kinda vintage looking. But anyone with a big tomato head and big corn head goes right into my shopping basket. Fortunately for my roommate, big tomato/corn head items aren't that numerous.

Number 2: A girl named Jean Martha. Her blog is hot. I look at it 1,000 times daily. It is bordering on creepdom.

Number 3: Gardenia....Donna cut some last night and put them on the kitchen island. I could've smelled them all night long.

Number 4: Vintage linens....great bags. Very happy.

Number 5: My new store. Why haven't you been there yet? There are new products!

I've been naughty...

So, I was returning a movie to the video store...The Curious Case of Benjamin Button...its great. Does Cate Blanchett ever give a bad performance? I love her...anyway...I decided to pop by an antique store I'd never been to. Well, I found some cute linens to make bags out of. 

Cute, huh? There were lots more but I restrained.

I also found some fabulous buttons. There was a big jar full of great vintage buttons, but I couldn't bring myself to spend 35 dollars on them. So I bought a cheaper bag instead. 

All fabulous...all in great shape. I'm super happy. 

My tomatoes

So, I have a cherry tomato plant. And I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for those suckers to turn red. Well, FINALLY! I have (had) three. I ate one. It was so so so good. And the other two went to Donna (Bobby's mom) for mother's day. Don't ask why I gave them to her, but I think homegrown anything is a good gift!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh Mommy...

You are amazing. Amazingly beautiful. Amazingly funny. Amazingly sassy. Just really amazing. I'm serious.

You are so cute! I can't get over you! I'm so happy you are my so so happy

Aren't you happy you gave birth to this?

Happy Mother's Day! I love you


Thursday, May 7, 2009

My New Store!!!!

Hey everyone! You can now purchase me online! Well, not me, but my bags and whatnot! How are excited are you? How excited am I? Click here to check it out.

Here I am, waiting for you to check it out!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


with Erika "Little Edie" Wilhite tonight at a bizarre outdoor art event. Scary huh?



be a bully. Ever. 

A Young Noble

So, Bobby and his sister, Christinky, had oil portraits done when they were both 7. Here is Bobby's. The only difference between then and now is he is much taller. Still adorable. Still rotten to the core. 

Cinco de Mayo...a day late.

So, the day started out innocently enough. I needed some velcro for my bags so I went to Jo-Ann for some. Well, of course I can never just get one thing so I ended up getting some Greek scroll style sequin trim. Did I need it? No, but I can never pass up sequins....ever. 

See, it is pretty. 
I really forgot that it was the 5th of May until Bobby reminded me. We were going to head up to his mom's so he could clean out and detail his big truck. I was tagging along because I enjoy hanging out at the "big" house. While cleaning out his truck before we left, Bobby broke a pair of sunglasses. So we took a picture.

If you are curious, his shirt is a concert shirt from one of his favorite artists, William Elliott Whitmore. Check him out. so good.  (I'm kinda glad those glasses broke anyway...they are  little skater dude-ish for me.)

The backyard at Donna and Jason's is heaven. You would love it. Isn't this orange flower pretty? And I'm glad the pic turned out okay too.

And the Gardenia! Oh man, we could smell it pulling into the driveway! It smelled so good. Donna has huge bushes of it and I wanted to crawl in there and sleep. But there were bees, so I didn't.
But I did swim!

Yes, I'm debuting my "Britney Spears" hairdo for you right now. And shirtless at that, you are lucky. So I did my hair with my beard trimmer, meaning it took almost 3 hours to get the hotness that you see before you. Go take a cold shower now. I know you need to.

Later, Roommate Tim met us back in Orlando at Graffiti Junktion for burgers, fries, and beer. Bobby took this pic. And I thought it was a good contrast to the hotness above. Nothing is less sexy than seeing me stuff my face with fries. Why do I never have any pics of Tim? He's just too beautiful for the camera to truly capture...sadly. I'll try to get him playing softball in the next couple of weeks.

To end the evening...Bobby lights his hand on fire. We all have too much to drink. And we all go home, crawling into bed sometime after 3am. I'm getting too old for this. Happy 6th of May!