Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost Christmas...

I haven't blogged in over a I have some amazing friends who manage to blog and continue with their busy lives, but I can't seem to grasp it. I opened and closed a show and began work in a costume shop building costumes for some fabulous Shakespeare: Hamlet and All's Well that Ends Well. That is where I have been.

I helped Donna decorate her giant tree the other night. Now, I haven't seen my mom's tree yet, but Donna's is one of the more beautiful trees I have helped decorate. It is stunning. Here I am pretending to decorate it.

Trust me, it is fab.

I have most of the shopping done. Well, I think I have it all done! I went to the mall today and nearly died in Macy's (after getting hit on, I think). I hope Bobby likes his presents. A lot of people are getting homemade gifts. And I've been seeing those Ebay commercials that tell you that homemade gifts stink. Do they? I'm nervous now. I think the ChaBanks gifts are delicious. I hope the recipients do too. Donna is getting something that I wish I had myself. I'm glad she and I have similar tastes.

I'm flying to Oklahoma on Christmas evening! Bobby was in NY last Christmas so this will be our first Christmas together. I hope there is a lot of egg nog involved!

Happy Holidays!