Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blogging and Sales

I just started this whole blogging business. I really love it. What I love most about it is finding other blogs to read. I've spent so so so so many hours reading others blogs. And I love when people post their favorite blogs too. Then I get even more lost. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper and deeper...thank goodness I can swim.

I got up early today to go with Sarah, Tori, and Jeff to  do a little driving around to find garage sales. Well, what a bust! We didn't find one good one! I really was on the lookout for vintage linens but um...I guess nobody parts with those or somebody already snatched them up.

We ended up at the Habitat for Humanity store. What a great place. I spent a whole 1 dollar and 60 cents on some foam tubing. Why? I'm going to make Bobby a "crotch cushion" for the bar on his bike. I have no idea what they are actually called so I'll go with "crotch cushion." I may do some paper piecing so he can have a quilted look. Will definitely be the coolest "crotch cushion" on the block. Okay, I'm done saying crotch. Sorry.
FYI...Bobby just told me they are called "top tube pads." So no more crotch cushion.

I saw these glasses at the Habitat store. I didn't buy them, but I did take a picture.


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