Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A couple of new bags and some labels...

Or some labels and a couple of new bags. Since that's the order the photos went in. I'm still not too adept at blogging. But dammit, I try. Let's get down to business.

I'm really in love with my new labels. Sorry I'm bragging, but they are good! And they are bigger than I would normally make and I like the scale in the smaller bags. And fyi...I keep spelling "label" as "lable". I'm annoying myself this morning.

In making these labels, I let my finger hang over my ruler and my rotary cutter found out and decided to cut the tippy tip of my right index finger off. It hurts like a bitch. But the labels are nice.

Rt. 66 has been a theme for a couple of bags recently and I found this cute image of some gals in a car. So, naturally they go in the Rt. 66 bags only!

Or in bags that have nothing to do with Rt. 66. I love how I contradict myself in the same post. I'm crabby this morning.

Finally, a new bag. This post was getting too long.

And another. The end.

Fingerless and crabby in Missouri,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Creating Labels...

I saw a tutorial for making your own fabric labels at  Patchwork Pottery and I decided I needed to make some. I found some great graphics from The Graphics Fairy. Add in Picnik and I have some new labels!!! I'm pretty happy.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Get Your Kicks...

 My friends Jack and Denise traveled Route 66 together a few years and remains one of their favorite vacations together. So Jack asked me to surprise Denise with a little lunch bag of Rt. 66 goodness. He purchased the 66 fabric and red/white polka dot and I threw in some of my fabric as well. I'm so happy with the results. Even if I never thought I'd use Rt. 66 fabric on anything!

Front of bag. Button details and elastic closure at top. I used Oklahoma since I'm from there and I can do whatever I want when ChaBanks-ing it up.

Back of the bag. More button detail and fabrics reversed. I used Missouri because that's where we are all working this summer.

Close up of the front.

And this fabulous head cup/vase thing I bought at an antique store a few weeks ago. It is supposed to be a present for Bobby, but I had to use it.

From the Show Me State!
(who has totally shown!)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I just realized that I labeled my last post Lunch Bag and Missouri and then forgot to talk about Missouri. I'm a terrible editor.  So today I am sharing some pics from a recent adventure. I would have more pictures from other recent adventures but I came all the way to Missouri with my camera but without the memory card. I had a great trip to Hannibal, MO.  Home of Mark Twain and caves! Oh I wish I had my memory card then. But my friend Matt has let me borrow his until Bobby sends mine in a care package next week. Anywho....
Last week I drove to Jefferson City to see the capital, maybe one of the most beautiful capitals in the country. Built in 1918 with a big budget and 1 million just for the art. Astounding. Let's look some.

The capital. The dome is amazing inside and out.

Thomas Hart Benton is a favorite of mine and one chamber in the capital has a huge THB mural of the history of MO. Incredible

Another view

A really great fountain

And finally some antique/vintage ribbon at an incredible antique store in Perry, MO. Just unbelievable. Two amazing things about MO: Great fabric stores and great antique stores. Heaven. I love it here


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lunch Bag...and Missouri

My friend Denise asked to make a lunch bag for her sister to use at work. Why not? I'd never lunch bagged it before.  I'd also never given a bottom or side to a tote bag, so this was a good way to experiment. The results were great. The finished bag is around 9 x 10 inches or so, maybe more, maybe less. I'm terrible at measurements. But this bag makes me so happy. Gives a little tingle in the all the right bag making places.  

Miss you!