Friday, June 26, 2009

I haven't been sewing...

but I have been taking a lot of pictures. I pretend to be some sort of photographer...but it is really, really, really hard to pretend when the only camera you own is a Nikon Coolpix...I know right? can do amazing stuff on Picnik. It makes you look like you might have some talent and some cool equipment...two things I have none of. But here are some pictures I've modified. Have a good day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


So, the photography kids are amazing. They took a bed sheet and dipped in cyanotype chemicals and then put all sorts of cool stuff on it, including themselves. 
This is the kids doing their thing. Wherever they put stuff or themselves will stay white/light. Where the sun hits will turn blue.

See! Isn't it amazing! I'm desperate to do this to some fabric. So amazing.

Oh, I also hosted the talent show today. I thought I looked kinda cute in a hat. So I shared.

Happy Father's Day...

I love you, Dad.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm totes into it...

You've seen maybe one of these before...but I love the new pics I took yesterday. This rooster bag is one of my favorites I have ever made. It is vintage French linen and vintage plaid cotton. The handle and lining are made of new blue broadcloth. 

I didn't have enough of either for the back, so I made strips of both and I'm so pleased with the outcome.

This one is made with paper piecing. Some great Sis Boom fabrics.  I really love this.

This was an on sale fabric and I didn't know if I would like it or not. But I love it!!! The lining and handle are a super cute polka dot. All in all...I'm happy. 
How are you doing?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sewing at Quartz...

Well, I have been doing a little sewing in my few minutes of free time here at Quartz Mountain. I am totally inspired, let me tell  you. Nothing beats being around 265 incredibly talented high school students. The orchestra played a sneak peak tonight and I'm so excited!

While I was in Van Buren I bought some fat quarters of Sandi Henderson Farmer's Market Apple Dot in Spring and Pink. I love them! I did some strips for the outside top of the bag and the solid pink for the outside bottom. I did Spring for the inside lining. I'm so happy how it came out!

Front and back...the button is vintage too!

Here are some bags that have been photographed before...but the light is so great here that I photographed them again. And I think my friend Jason...the photography liaison...will take more shots tomorrow! I love the arts!!!

So, this gal is kinda fun! I didn't even mean to line up the pattern...but somehow it did! Lucky me! And I experimented with the edge of the bag...I zig-zagged like 40 times around the edge in different threads to see what it would look like...and I'm pretty happy!

Sorry, I'm not posting more, but managing the arts is a full time job! I'm counselor coordinator here at OSAI and I couldn't have asked for a better group!  Take care

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Driving to Quartz...

I finally got to Quartz Mountain on Monday...and all the memories came rushing back. It is my fourth summer here and it is just as beautiful as I remember. Out of the plains rise these old granite mountains (actually hills, but who's counting?) and you can see them from miles and miles away. This chain of mountains is among the oldest in the U.S. and I can only imagine their splendor when young. The color is a lovely red/pink color with bits of green for good measure.

I always come in the back entrance when coming from Elk City. And I always see the sheer face of this guy. I will climb it someday....but not today...or tomorrow.

It is wheat harvest and I usually miss seeing the combines doing their job...maybe I'm here early or harvest started later...I don't know...but I was excited to them working

So the title song from "Oklahoma" sings about waving wheat sure smelling sweet and later in the song we sing about watching a hawk making lazy circles in the sky. Well, how fitting this photo has waving wheat AND a hawk! He wasn't acting too lazy though...I'm sure he was looking for food behind that combine. I'm happy to be home.

P.S. I swear I didn't rig this, because I had my ipod on I was crossing the state line from Arkansas to Oklahoma..."The Surrey with the Fringe on the Top"  started playing. And if you don't know...that's a song from the musical "Oklahoma." It made me feel like I was supposed to be here.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Home in Oklahoma...

I finally made it to Elk City last night around 10. It was a long trip! I drove 17 hours the first day (to Conway, AR)  and about 12 the next day. It really isn't that long of a trip, but I can't help but stop all the time. Of those 29 hours...about 4 were spent actually driving. I stop too much. But I stopped in Van Buren, AR yesterday because I wanted to stop at a fabric store I had found on the internet.  It is called Main Street Fabrics and it is really wonderful. A friendly and helpful staff and lots and lots of great fabrics! They had some really fab stuff....I bought a few fat quarters and am definitely going back on the way home.  If you've never been to Van Buren, check it out. Super charming and I loved it.

This is Main Street Fabrics in downtown Van Buren, AR. How cute is the building? 

A corner bank building downtown Van Buren. I really am obsessed with this building. This picture does not do it justice.

I also stopped at Sequoyah's home site north of Sallisaw, OK. Sequoyah was a Cherokee and was responsible for turning the oral Cherokee language into a written language. What a genius! Here is more info. about Sequoyah. The cabin his family lived in is tiny!!! In the 1930s, the WPA built a house around the cabin to protect it. I love the WPA! It was such an informative place and offered lots of insight into the Trail of Tears, a disgusting time in our nation's history. If you are not familiar with the Trail of some research. It was not a bright shining moment for the U.S., probably more like one our dullest moments. 

On a lighter note...all sorts of artifacts are on display at the cabin...including some fabric! Exciting. 
This is Sequoyah's spinning wheel. It was really beautiful...and I wanted to climb over the barrier and play with it...but I didn't.

This is some gingham homespun made at the Dwight Mission School in the 1840s. Yeah, the 1840s! How awesome is that.

Here is a closeup of the gingham...I really love love love it!

This beadwork was also done at Dwight Mission...It was really really stunning. Oh man, I wanted to break the case and take it home with me. But I didn't so don't call the cops, okay. 

I was gonna show you the fat quarters I bought yesterday, but I left them at my sister's house. So I'll show you a fat baby instead. I met my nephew yesterday. He is a big bowl of sugar drizzled with honey. I love him.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where I'm headed...

So, I'm leaving thursday and heading to Oklahoma for a few weeks. I'll be working at one of the greatest places on the planet...Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute at Quartz Mountain. Seriously, the most talented high schoolers I have ever seen. I can't wait to go work, play, inspire, be inspired and all that. It will be my fourth year there. I'm so freakin' excited.
Only part of the view...jealous? No? Oh, okay.