Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Niece and Nephew...

I don't get to see them fact I haven't even met the new turkey yet. I'm going to soon though and my heart starts thumping every time I think of seeing them. Aub is almost 4 and just like her Bubba Chant...Turkey is a few months old and already as big as Aub...oh I can't wait to see them!!!!!!
I love this pic of Aub...and she has a sweater that I wore when I was young and thin and gorgeous...yeah, I don't remember that time period either.

This is that smiling Turkey I haven't met yet...isn't he adorable though???? He makes me melt. But this pic does look like his daddy is giving him a little tweak...which is a little weird. But look at that face...I'm dying

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