Friday, May 15, 2009

It has been a couple of days...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...but I've been a little lazy. Terribly sorry. (That last bit is said with a British accent. Let's see...what has my week been like? I'll tell you. Tuesday night was spent out at the Beacon downtown for free beer and liquor from 9 to 10. Now if you think you can't get a lot going in an hour, you haven't been out with us! The rain helped. It was a little slow, so the waiter just kept bringing drink after drink. That hour flew by! But it was fun. Or at least Bobby and Roommate Tim said I was a lot of fun. I don't remember everything. 
Wednesday was dinner at Shannon's. We had incredible pasta with asparagus and peas. 
Last night The Orlando International Fringe Festival began. I didn't go to anything, but it wiped me out no less! But I cooked and sewed last night. So enough babble!

I've never been big into quilting...I've done a couple of things (bags, blah blah blah) but never had an interest in really pursuing it. UNTIL...I stumbled upon Ashley from Film in the Fridge...what a great sight! And I took her paper piecing tutorial so now I'm paper piecing! I think it will make some cool bags.

I like it!
Also, I made some yummy baked lemon pasta that I found on The Pioneer Woman's site. It was so good...I'm gonna have some more in a minute!

But I had some leftover lemons and parsley so I took a picture. See that little red guy on the left? He's one of my cherry tomatoes. I'm a gardener! I'm so happy! I'm not gonna eat, just look at it and cry.

So, I made Bobby take some pictures of me sewing the other night. Why? Marketing, publicity, we were bored. All that good stuff. I didn't realize he was being artistic and taking shots in black and white. Nothing shows off colorful fabric like black and white. Kidding. I do like them.

This one is staged. Sorry. He came in to shoot right while i was finishing up. But I like it. And I like my sausage fingers. Truly they look like Vienna Sausages, don't they? Blech.
This one is real and it shows the total filth in which I sew. I'm not clean or organized. Actually, it was clean and organized a couple of weeks ago but that lasted about 1.2 seconds. Did you ever watch Alice? With Linda Lavin? Well, I always loved the opening credits when Vera had the bag of straws and they exploded all over the place. That's my life. Things look nice and then it explodes. Oh well. "There's a new girl in town!"

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