Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo...a day late.

So, the day started out innocently enough. I needed some velcro for my bags so I went to Jo-Ann for some. Well, of course I can never just get one thing so I ended up getting some Greek scroll style sequin trim. Did I need it? No, but I can never pass up sequins....ever. 

See, it is pretty. 
I really forgot that it was the 5th of May until Bobby reminded me. We were going to head up to his mom's so he could clean out and detail his big truck. I was tagging along because I enjoy hanging out at the "big" house. While cleaning out his truck before we left, Bobby broke a pair of sunglasses. So we took a picture.

If you are curious, his shirt is a concert shirt from one of his favorite artists, William Elliott Whitmore. Check him out. so good.  (I'm kinda glad those glasses broke anyway...they are  little skater dude-ish for me.)

The backyard at Donna and Jason's is heaven. You would love it. Isn't this orange flower pretty? And I'm glad the pic turned out okay too.

And the Gardenia! Oh man, we could smell it pulling into the driveway! It smelled so good. Donna has huge bushes of it and I wanted to crawl in there and sleep. But there were bees, so I didn't.
But I did swim!

Yes, I'm debuting my "Britney Spears" hairdo for you right now. And shirtless at that, you are lucky. So I did my hair with my beard trimmer, meaning it took almost 3 hours to get the hotness that you see before you. Go take a cold shower now. I know you need to.

Later, Roommate Tim met us back in Orlando at Graffiti Junktion for burgers, fries, and beer. Bobby took this pic. And I thought it was a good contrast to the hotness above. Nothing is less sexy than seeing me stuff my face with fries. Why do I never have any pics of Tim? He's just too beautiful for the camera to truly capture...sadly. I'll try to get him playing softball in the next couple of weeks.

To end the evening...Bobby lights his hand on fire. We all have too much to drink. And we all go home, crawling into bed sometime after 3am. I'm getting too old for this. Happy 6th of May!


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