Friday, May 29, 2009

Back to sewing...

Well, I haven't sewn in a week or so...maybe less, maybe not...but I got back in the mix today and created a pad for Bobby's fixed-gear...or bike...or the other woman in his life...He's been working so hard on it...making it his own and the like. I wanted to create something special for the bike so I made a "crotch cushion" or as Bobby calls it...The Rad Pad. I really love how it turned out.

I made it using my new favorite method...paper piecing. The finished size is roughly 8" by 13" but next time I'll add a half inch to each. The "pad" or "cushion" part is insulating foam that goes around copper tubing...I got it for a buck fifty at the Habitat store. I'm super happy.

I zig-zagged around the edges and at each seam. I think next time I will add some batting to make it really quilt like. What do you think??? Let me know

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