Saturday, May 23, 2009

Miami, days 1 and 2...

So we left Orlando yesterday morning around 11 and headed for all things Miami!!! Actually, Bobby is down here getting some continuing education credits so he can be up to date on his therapy license. Well, I tagged along and then Roommate Tim decided to tag along too! It might get a little boring being stuck in the hotel all day alone. I'm happy Tim is here.

The drive down was fine...a little rainy...but fine. We had a good time. Tim and I annoyed Bobby with show tunes all the way down. We are pretty good at harmonizing together. But that's what happens when your roommate has been on Broadway...jealous?

No road trip would be complete for me without a stop at the greatest road trip cafe in the world...Cracker Barrel. God, I love that place. Now, I know we're not necessarily supposed to love that place because of workplace discrimination, but I can't help it.

Bobby's classes are at the Embassy Suites Miami Airport so that's where we are staying. Am I on the internet there though? NO! I can't pay almost thirteen dollars a day for internet access. Why can't it be free? Did we not pay enough for the room and the parking? I guess not! So Tim and I are at Panera Bread soaking up the free wifi...I just had to update...Could I drop any more corporate names in this post? I'm sure I can. I'll try.

Bobby is done at 4. We are going to head to South Beach so I can get my Art Deco/Ocean/Beautiful People/Designer Labels fix. I've never been there so I am super excited! I can't wait to take 600 pictures that no one else will want to see. It's a thrill. And so far the rain has stayed away for the afternoon.

I have more stories...especially about stupid Americans and terrified teenage Germans in the hotel pool. Surely I'll write a post about that.
I do love it here!

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Shannon said...

Love it all you want, but you better come home! Having fun with Jojo. Made him ride the Scorcher to Fringe! Remind Bobby about Critical Mass next Friday! Miss you!