Monday, May 11, 2009

Things I'm obsessed with...

Number 1: These salt and pepper shakes I picked up a couple of years ago with my mom at a wholesale shop she sometimes, but not enough, goes to. They aren't vintage, just kinda vintage looking. But anyone with a big tomato head and big corn head goes right into my shopping basket. Fortunately for my roommate, big tomato/corn head items aren't that numerous.

Number 2: A girl named Jean Martha. Her blog is hot. I look at it 1,000 times daily. It is bordering on creepdom.

Number 3: Gardenia....Donna cut some last night and put them on the kitchen island. I could've smelled them all night long.

Number 4: Vintage linens....great bags. Very happy.

Number 5: My new store. Why haven't you been there yet? There are new products!


Renovation Therapy said...

the salt & pepper shakers are hysterical!!!

KC Sheperd said...

You know I love those salt and pepper shakers. Remember when you had that weird scrubby thing that was like a radish or something?? HAHAHA!

Michele said...

I adore your future wedding china. I do hope you get to register for it one day. I was a Lenox bride - 16 place settings, Baby.

I came over from Renovation Therapy and I like your style sense. I will be back. And I love your paisley clutch, but I am more of a tote girl.