Friday, May 15, 2009

Take me to heaven...

The UPS man came today. Remember when they waited at the door for you to pick up your package? Well, the doorbell rang and 2 seconds later I was at the door. He was already headed back to his truck. Over his shoulder he yelled..."Package is on the desk." Um...ok...thanks....dude. Yes I have a desk on the patio...well it was a desk but I converted it to a potting area for my 4 plants I actually managed not to kill. Anyway...Jean Martha's package arrived and I was so happy!!!

So, I opened it immediately and pulled everything out. But then I decided I should document the I repackaged everything to make it look like I wasn't crazy and just Vera from Alice'd it all over the living room. But it might make me crazier to repackage it to make it seem like I'm not crazy. Hmmmm....
But look at these fabrics! I'm dying! I'm dying!
I freaking love these fabrics... especially the toile!
And I super love this oversized print. You have to excuse the dirty rug and Roommate Tim's flip flopped toe. I'm not really great with composition. 

Heaven came to me today. From upstate New York.