Saturday, June 6, 2009

Home in Oklahoma...

I finally made it to Elk City last night around 10. It was a long trip! I drove 17 hours the first day (to Conway, AR)  and about 12 the next day. It really isn't that long of a trip, but I can't help but stop all the time. Of those 29 hours...about 4 were spent actually driving. I stop too much. But I stopped in Van Buren, AR yesterday because I wanted to stop at a fabric store I had found on the internet.  It is called Main Street Fabrics and it is really wonderful. A friendly and helpful staff and lots and lots of great fabrics! They had some really fab stuff....I bought a few fat quarters and am definitely going back on the way home.  If you've never been to Van Buren, check it out. Super charming and I loved it.

This is Main Street Fabrics in downtown Van Buren, AR. How cute is the building? 

A corner bank building downtown Van Buren. I really am obsessed with this building. This picture does not do it justice.

I also stopped at Sequoyah's home site north of Sallisaw, OK. Sequoyah was a Cherokee and was responsible for turning the oral Cherokee language into a written language. What a genius! Here is more info. about Sequoyah. The cabin his family lived in is tiny!!! In the 1930s, the WPA built a house around the cabin to protect it. I love the WPA! It was such an informative place and offered lots of insight into the Trail of Tears, a disgusting time in our nation's history. If you are not familiar with the Trail of some research. It was not a bright shining moment for the U.S., probably more like one our dullest moments. 

On a lighter note...all sorts of artifacts are on display at the cabin...including some fabric! Exciting. 
This is Sequoyah's spinning wheel. It was really beautiful...and I wanted to climb over the barrier and play with it...but I didn't.

This is some gingham homespun made at the Dwight Mission School in the 1840s. Yeah, the 1840s! How awesome is that.

Here is a closeup of the gingham...I really love love love it!

This beadwork was also done at Dwight Mission...It was really really stunning. Oh man, I wanted to break the case and take it home with me. But I didn't so don't call the cops, okay. 

I was gonna show you the fat quarters I bought yesterday, but I left them at my sister's house. So I'll show you a fat baby instead. I met my nephew yesterday. He is a big bowl of sugar drizzled with honey. I love him.

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