Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sewing at Quartz...

Well, I have been doing a little sewing in my few minutes of free time here at Quartz Mountain. I am totally inspired, let me tell  you. Nothing beats being around 265 incredibly talented high school students. The orchestra played a sneak peak tonight and I'm so excited!

While I was in Van Buren I bought some fat quarters of Sandi Henderson Farmer's Market Apple Dot in Spring and Pink. I love them! I did some strips for the outside top of the bag and the solid pink for the outside bottom. I did Spring for the inside lining. I'm so happy how it came out!

Front and back...the button is vintage too!

Here are some bags that have been photographed before...but the light is so great here that I photographed them again. And I think my friend Jason...the photography liaison...will take more shots tomorrow! I love the arts!!!

So, this gal is kinda fun! I didn't even mean to line up the pattern...but somehow it did! Lucky me! And I experimented with the edge of the bag...I zig-zagged like 40 times around the edge in different threads to see what it would look like...and I'm pretty happy!

Sorry, I'm not posting more, but managing the arts is a full time job! I'm counselor coordinator here at OSAI and I couldn't have asked for a better group!  Take care

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