Thursday, September 10, 2009


One of the perks of working in a costume shop is being surrounded by lots and lots of fabric. Lots. An even bigger perk of working in a costume shop is sometimes getting to take some scraps of fabric home. I'm pretty stoked about these scraps. I'm a bit obsessed with sequins. I've never purchased sequin fabric or had it in my possession, until today. Grayson, the shop manager, let me have these scraps of fabric.  She makes me happy.

The blue is great and so is the gold, but we both really love the green. It is not really done any justice in this picture, but it is really pretty. I'm gonna try and make a pouch out of it. So maybe the pouch will become an evening pouch. Or a gaudy pouch. Or a drag queen pouch. Probably the latter. 
In other news, the big gay yard sale is this weekend. Big and gay pretty much equals amazing! Come visit us on Saturday!


Renovation Therapy said...

LOVE that green.

maddest (w)rung productions said...

wish I didn't miss the big gay yardsale. miss you!

Condo Blues said...

How is it to sew with? I had to make a dress for a show with the fake sequin fabric. The type with the glued (?) on metallic dots onto the fabric. I sacrificed a couple of needles to the Sewing Gods. :(

PS: I vote for Drag Queen pouch. Drag Queens make me happy.