Monday, September 7, 2009

Please Forgive Me...

For not blogging for over a week! What's been going on? Well, I've been working a lot. I know, I know, millions of people work 40 hour weeks and still blog like 20 times a do you do it? I think you are great. I know maybe a few of you like reading my blog and like what I have to share. So I apologize to you. On with the blog...

Since I missed Sunday Stash this last Sunday, I'm adding it right now. I got these lemons today and I really love them. I guess I'm on a fruit kick. No "fruit for the fruity blogger" jokes please. I guess I should have rotated the picture. But I didn't.

Below are some bags in progress. This first one I'm making from an old pillow I got tired of having in the living room. There was just a little too much orange. I was going to put it in the yard sale (this Saturday!) but Bobby and Tim thought it might make a good bag. I guess they were right. I'm loving it. It's giant and sturdy.

This is some fun piecing with some heart applique. My mom sent these a long time ago and I just put them into the mix. I'm liking the direction.

This bag is made from scraps from a show I worked on last season. It was at Orlando Shakes, so I'm making this bag for Denise, who runs the costume shop there. It is different for me to work with something besides cotton, but it is fun. I'm liking where this is going too.

Here is where the majority of my sewing has gone. This is an adorable sheep costume for Charlotte's Web. It was super fun to make, although the fake fur is a little difficult to sew. 

I'll be a better blogger, I promise. Or you can spank me.

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pollyanna cowgirl said...

I just made a headscarf for my Blythe with the lemon fabric after hoarding it for like 2 years. Love the sequins!