Monday, May 4, 2009

More vintage!

I told you all that I've been going crazy with all the linens that came in the mom box. Here's a tote bag that I just completed (just the outside, not totally finished). The center section is an old rooster dish towel (I believe it is French) and the outside is a vintage plaid fabric. 

I didn't have of the plaid to do the whole back, so I cut it into 4" strips and then did the same with the leftover towel. I ended up wasting a bit of the towel because I wanted to get those chickens and roosters in the strips...I like how it turned out.

And I was getting tired of pulling and putting back pins in the pin cushion and I don't have one of those nice magnetic pin holders, so I just threw the pins on one of my Fiesta saucers...I liked the look so much, I took a picture.

P.S. I've decided to hold off on cutting that chenille blanket for right now....I slept under it last night and it was nice and light. So, you are safe for now, chenille!

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