Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And another bag...

You are shocked, I know, that I would post  another pic of another bag. But what can I do? It is pretty much what this blog is about. Bags. Life. A Bearded Guy that Sews? That's what its all about. 
I like this bag though. I have no idea what it originally was. It was a rectangle that had been quilted. The batting is quite thick in places, so maybe it was a hot pad at one time. But now it is one of ChaBanks repurposed bags. I hope you like it.

I really love that block of green in a sea of pink and white. Totally makes me happy.

Remember when I was talking about the Fiesta full of pins? Here is the pin cushion that feels a little sad and alone now that he only has a few pins in him. But look at all that thread that has gotten wrapped and stuck on him? How could anyone be sad with all that around them? Unless they were being strangled by it. That might be sad. Later!


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