Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fresh Veggies...

In my opinion, nothing is better than garden fresh vegetables (except owning a ChaBanks bag). Tonight at Sarah, Tori, and Jeff's, I picked some radishes and beans out of their garden. And would you believe they let me take home my bounty?! I would also have two strawberries, but Bazil the naughty dog ate those! I hope he enjoyed them. I'm also so jealous that their tomatoes are turning and mine are still green as can be. But Sarah cut up the ripe cherry tomato into 7 pieces so we could all enjoy. And it was good! And quite a feat to cut a cherry tomato into 7 pieces, if you ask me.

I just washed the radishes and beans. Aren't they pretty? 

I think they look pretty swell in the red colander too.

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