Saturday, June 12, 2010


I just realized that I labeled my last post Lunch Bag and Missouri and then forgot to talk about Missouri. I'm a terrible editor.  So today I am sharing some pics from a recent adventure. I would have more pictures from other recent adventures but I came all the way to Missouri with my camera but without the memory card. I had a great trip to Hannibal, MO.  Home of Mark Twain and caves! Oh I wish I had my memory card then. But my friend Matt has let me borrow his until Bobby sends mine in a care package next week. Anywho....
Last week I drove to Jefferson City to see the capital, maybe one of the most beautiful capitals in the country. Built in 1918 with a big budget and 1 million just for the art. Astounding. Let's look some.

The capital. The dome is amazing inside and out.

Thomas Hart Benton is a favorite of mine and one chamber in the capital has a huge THB mural of the history of MO. Incredible

Another view

A really great fountain

And finally some antique/vintage ribbon at an incredible antique store in Perry, MO. Just unbelievable. Two amazing things about MO: Great fabric stores and great antique stores. Heaven. I love it here


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