Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time for some new bags...

I finally got the bags finished for a client in Oklahoma. I love how they all came out. I hope she enjoys them as much as I do. 

I've never been a big polka dot person, but lately, I've been a tiny bit obsessed. I've made a couple of different bags (in different combos) of the red, black, and white dots. The lining is giant red dots. I love it. And the clothes and pattern pieces fabric, I adore. I wish I had yards and yards of it. I would make everything out of it. I would recover all my furniture in it. But fortunately for Bobby and Tim, I don't have much more.

I still have a bit of the great great zig zag fabric so I made a pouch out of it. The button on it is one of my faves. The floral and orange fabrics look so great together. I love this combination. And the button...tiny little flower clusters. Heaven. 

I finally finished Donna's second bag that she requested and I'm in love. It is lots of scraps and an old feed sack that mom sent. I have no idea what a bathing beauty has to do with chick feed, but it is super cute. 

Here is the back. "Big C" is the name of the feed I suppose. The sack was in great shape and I'm happy that it turned out so well.

I think I'm going to do a giveaway soon of a tote or pouch or both. Doesn't that sound fun?
I haven't been sewing too much at home because I am right in the thick of sewing a sheep costume for "Charlotte's Web" at the Rep. It is super fun in that costume shop. I made them listen to "Gypsy" today. Or really, I made them listen to me sing along to the show. Sue me.
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Condo Blues said...

Nothing sewing and singing along to Gypsy. Hope it was the original cast recording. Ethel had pipes. Damn.