Saturday, July 18, 2009

War of the Worlds Photos...

Well, not real photos, but watercolors that capture our rehearsals better than any photo could. The artist is Thomas Thorspecken and he has a great website. I beg you to check it out. And I have never been captured in watercolor before so of course it is kinda exciting.

This was the first day of rehearsal. I'm on the far left (in case you wondered what I look like in watercolor.) Isn't Thomas such a cool artist.

We were doing ViewPoints in this picture. I'm the chubby one in the middle. 

This is a little discussion time. Again, I'm on the left. My tummy is hanging out. I love that Thomas won't cut me a break and leave out my chub! Thanks Thomas!

p.s. I've got some WIP's to take some pictures of for you. Soon! I promise!
p.p.s. Rhoda is now on Hulu! How do you not love this show? 

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Thor said...

Variety of body shapes is the spice of life and art. You know I love you Chantry.