Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday at the Nursery...

This past week has been pretty wonderful. Donna (Bobby's mom/my future mother-in-law) celebrated a wonderful birthday on Thursday. We cooked out and celebrated with her. On Friday, Bobby and I headed back up to Donna and Jason's house for a weekend sleepover. I had Saturday off from rehearsal, so we all pitched in and made a wonderful meal. And it was vegetarian! Bobby and I are eating vegetarian at the moment. I don't have any big reason for it, we just sort of fell into it. Anyway...
Saturday morning Donna, Bobby, and I got up (Jason made French toast!) and headed over to South Seminole Farm and Nursery in Casselberry for an organic gardening class. It was wonderful to be at the nursery on a clear, not too hot morning with family. Here are some pics I took there.

This is a Seminole Pumpkin. It is one of the few pumpkins that grows really well down in Florida. It was discovered growing in the Everglades hundreds of years ago. And rumor has it that it is quite tasty. I got some free seeds so I'm gonna plant them and enjoy!

Don't you love/Aren't you jealous that pineapple yummily grows in Florida? Who needs Hawaii? Well, I do. I haven't been yet so I actually do need that great state to hang around. But look at these pineapple plants...aren't they cool????

I don't remember the name but I love the blooms and the wide leaves.

I'm terrible about writing down names of I don't remember what this is either. But you might. Let me know if know. I get distracted by pretty things.

p.s. I really do have some pics of bags coming up...I do need to write a sewing post tomorrow. I promise I will

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Pollyanna said...

Are those pumpkins purple? Crazy!