Monday, April 27, 2009

So we're a little obsessed...

With the 16 picture function on the camera. This isn't a sewing post, but do you really care? I don't. The Bobby and I just have fun taking these pics.
The Bobby didn't realize that just the night before I also took pictures of light with no flash (see previous blog). He's such a copycat.

The great thing about this function is that you will get some truly unflattering pics of people...Case in point? My pics above.

Or no matter how unflattering the pics...someone always manages to look amazing...That damn kid. The Bobby always looks good....even if he doesn't believe.

If you are wondering...I doubt you are...but my cam is a Nikon know...the Ashton Kutcher camera...which is how mom described to the Target guy when buying it for me and my sister at Christmas...Sadly, he knew exactly what my mom was talking about. It's purple...which is cool.

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