Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jennie's Birthday

We all had a wonderful time at Jennie's "surprise" birthday party last night...It was supposed to be a bigger surprise than it was, but she was still surprised. So I guess little surprise is better than no surprise. Okay, I'm not typing surprise anymore today. Thanks.
Who was there?  I bet you are just dying to know. Let's see. Jennie, Hank, Erika, Jamie, Shannon, Bangs (or Sarah), The Bobby, a couple of guys whose names I didn't catch, and yours truly. I gave Jennie a  ChaBanks bag for the big day (she'd been wanting one for ages) but I didn't have any wrapping paper, so I wrapped it in a scarf. She liked both! And a Frida Kahlo notecard that had to make do as a birthday card. But I think Frida Kahlo just screams Happy Birthday!, don't you?

Here's Jennie with the Big/Little Polka Dot bag. The little polka dot is inside the bag. Yeah, it is a big blue button with blue stitching around the top...I like the contrast. That's Erika on the left, who is quickly becoming a little too Little Edie Beale for my taste. (I'll get worried if raccoons start living in her house.)

Erika made me wear this hat last night. I was a little upset because I thought my hair was smokin' hot, but she insisted. I felt ridiculous, but everyone said it looked great with the new shirt The Bobby bought me. Erika thought I looked real cute, but she really just needed someone with a giant head to stretch the hat out for her. I'm on to her. And she knows it.

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Your pics of the bags look fantastic. Wow, you are such a little artist!- lil edie