Friday, February 19, 2010

Domestic Goddess...

I'm not wanting to set the women's rights movement back 50 or 60 years, but I do so wish I was a housewife. There I said it. No offense to you fabulous working women. God, I love you! But I want to stay at home and take care of my man...
That is not really 100% true. I mean it. I love what I do. Being an actor/stitcher/designer is pretty fabulous, but I would not mind one bit staying home and cooking, cleaning (not), and sewing. Enough of this bull***t. Let us get to what I did this evening.
Bobby has a job interview next week and we are really excited about it. We went shopping last evening to find a cutesy interview outfit. To the mall!!! He found some great gray slacks and a pretty purple dress shirt. I won't lie. I kinda picked it out. I like it when Bobby let's me pretend I'm Rachel Zoe.

Anyway, the pants in his size were too long. No problem. The last couple of plays I stitched on were full of tailoring for men. I'm not much of a menswear guy. But I am now. I tailored my little heart out. If you ever need a frock coat, call me.
Tonight I hemmed Bobby's new pants. I kinda love hand stitching. Especially when it is a cross stitch on a hem. My stitches are getting better and better.

Bobby is off getting a new tattoo right now. He'll see the pants when he gets back. Anything for my man. (give me a break...)

love love

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