Friday, October 30, 2009

Birdie Bag...

So, I really really hate date stamps on my photos. I'm apologizing to you now because I forgot to turn off the date stamp on this new camera. Well, not new camera, but an old one my mom sent after my good camera broke.

Now that that is out of the is a new bag! I'm feeling a little more motivated lately to do some sewing. And I'm going to do some more once this post is finished and I have put the dishes away. I might be sewing as you are reading this!!! Crazy.
Bobby bought me a little surprise a couple of weeks ago at Ikea. I love their fabrics and this one is my new all time favorite fabric. I love that is quite durable and makes for good tote-sy goodness.
There are several large panels of this bird and squirrel. I don't get it either, but it is cute.

The back. of the bag is the same fabric. I love when there are several designs on one panel. The lining is pink/green/black stripes. The handles are made with the same fabric as the lining and some just plain ole pink to change it up a bit. Well, not by choice. I didn't have enough of the stripe to make the super wide handles I wanted so I sewed it to the pink. It worked out just fine.
Happy Haunting!

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