Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Blog About Bobby...

Or a Bobby Blog. Or a Blobby. Let's call this a Blobby. 
So, Bobby is in New York this week with Donna and Jason visiting family. Am I jealous? Yes. Do I want to go? Yes. Does Bobby sends tons of pics from his phone to ensure said jealousy? Yes. Has Donna been complaining that I haven't updated my blog in some time? Yes. (At least someone complains and wants to know about every minor detail in my life.)
So, in honor of my family being in New York, I present pictures from Bobby's travels.
Here they are: Very out of order, but this blog isn't about me, so I don't really care.

I believe this is at Sunset Rock or Mountain or something of the like in upstate New York. It isn't too far from where Jason's mom and dad live. Hi Ellen and Mike! But this is a pretty waterfall.

The family attended mass at this church on Sunday. How beautiful is it? I honestly can't tell you anything about it except it is old and there was birthday cake that day made my nuns...um...I want birthday cake made by nuns. I want anything made by nuns! I love nuns. But really, I love the nuns from "The Sound of Music," "The Flying Nun," and "Sister Act." 

Here is a view of Manhattan from the ship Intrepid. Bobby's grandpa was on a ship similar to this one during the war. Or this is the information I have. But this is basically all Bobby saw of NYC on his first visit ever. He was pretty steamed about that, but come on, I'll take him one day and we won't get on any ships.

Here's the food section. Bobby and I were eating baby carrots one day and I noticed that the bag said "baby shaped carrots." So I really wasn't eating baby carrots at all. Just adult carrots that were whittled down to look like babies. I don't like that. So, Bobby had some real baby carrots the other night and took a pic for evidence. That really got me steamed. He gets to have all the fun.

And...this is Baba Louie's in Hudson. My blog buddy Jean Martha has talked about this place a few times and I said go there if you get a chance, Bobby!!! Well, they went today and apparently it was like walking into heaven and then eating heaven. Am I steamed? You bet I am. 
So there you go. A Blobby for Bobby. I do it out of love though. Tomorrow marks our ONE year anniversary of bliss. Bliss that is living in sin bliss. Bliss that probably won't be allowed to make it legal for some time. But he is wonderful. I wish I could put a ring on his finger, strap on a big white dress, walk down the aisle, and then unwrap the thousands of gifts that I register for. But that's not happening anytime soon. Someday.
Have a good day!

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