Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the Springs...

A big giant group of us went to Wekiva Springs yesterday for some canoeing and swimming. Um, we canoed forever and ever. and I bitched and bitched...I was cranky. To the big giant group, I apologize. But after lunch I was much happier and ready to jump in the freezing cold spring. It was so much fun. Watching people dive down deep into the boil of the spring was fascinating. Did I go down? Of course not. I'm not crazy.

The Bobs and me after a full (or fool) day at the can see the clear water behind us.

This butterfly stopped by to say hi.

This is where we spent the day. The water was so cold and felt so nice! Especially on my sun burn.


Renovation Therapy said...

that place looks awesome!

Condo Blues said...

Looks beautiful (both the men and the scenary)and fun!