Friday, May 1, 2009


I always enjoy getting packages in the mail...usually from my mom. She sends the best packages. Well, it just got even better. Mom is in the early stages of moving and is cleaning out the closets. Her loss? My gain! Well today I got a great big package of vintage fabric, aprons, doilies, and more. Great stuff to repurpose into bags. The best piece in the box was a vintage table runner that is flanked on either side by a young woman in a gown. Well, those young ladies are now two separate ChaBanks bags. I think they look just wonderful. Judge for yourself.

Here is a full view of one of the bags. Isn't she pretty. I love the floral look of the dress. And I like that the dress hangs over the edge of the bag. I didn't line them or anything. Just cut the runner in half, sew up the raw edges and sew the sides together. I love it!

Here's a close up of the young lady on the bag. Great detail! Don't you think?

Here is a back view. There is even great detail running up both sides. I'm so thankful for my mom! Do you like them? Well comment then!

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Renovation Therapy said...

Awesome!!! So much fun!