Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, man oh man! The Bobby gave me the biggest surprise today! He rolled into the house with this shirt on! Couldn't you just die?

Ladies and gents, its a House of ChaBanks t-shirt! Are you kidding me? He had it made at Mother Falcon...the most awesome t-shirt making store in town! They use American Apparel shirts...Isn't it yummy? What a doll! p.s. the sewing machine even has "Sarah" on it! You know, the name of my machine?

In sadder flower bed is ruined! So you know that beautiful greenyness that showed up in my pics of bags yesterday? Well it now looks like this:

And yes, that is a ruined sunflower! The lawn guys came this morning and I walked outside and saw the massacre that is the flower bed. They came over when they saw (almost tears) me a little upset and I asked what happened...Their response? "We weren't paying attention." Damn. I'm sad about the sunflowers...real sad.

But no matter how bad life seems....there are always some sequins around. Amen.

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