Thursday, April 23, 2009

I have no workspace!

Well, that is kind of a lie....I have some workspace, it just happens to be the teeny tiny dining room table in the teeny tiny duplex Tim and I share. Who's Tim, you ask? He just happens to be the most super fabulous best friend/roommate/cheerleader/Top Model co-watcher a  guy could ask for. Bobby likes him too. But Tim puts up with my super sewing messes that somehow manage to wind up all over the house whether I want them to or not. So I have the table and some storage bins next to the table full of badly folded fabric and some yarn from when I was on a knitting kick.  But here are some pics...

This is my sewing machine, Sarah. I didn't name it that, that's the model name. 
She's about 10 years old and pretty reliable...except that I've lost all the feet besides the regular ole main presser foot, which sucks. But I like her well enough. She's made by Husqvarna, who also makes chainsaws so it feels a little more masculine (despite the name Sarah). She looks like shit cause I've used tape to mark different widths and guess what...masking tape doesn't come off if its left on for like 5 years. So that's that.

Here are two pics of the same fabrics that I'm working with. I've been playing with the settings on the camera. Sorry.
I can't remember what setting this is, but I like the blue tone to it. But it doesn't show the fabric very well. 

Here is a brighter pic of the fabric. You can see the patterns and colors much better in this pic. 

P.S. How come when you finally set down to sew, everyone decides to call you? I can't hold the phone while sewing and if I put it on speaker, the caller can only hear the machine. The Bobby and Erika both called. Erika wants to go to Salvation Army...I think I'll go and see if there is anything I can cut up and make into a bag.  Thanks for reading!

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